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Summer break?

April 20, 2017


As the great Nat King Cole once sang, "Summer is a comin' in."


The conventional wisdom in regards to music lessons is that they are another "activity" one needs to take a "break" from once school is out and work responsibilities are diminished.



But think of a music regimen the same way you would think of a fitness regimen. What happens when you stop working out? You lose all the gains you made and sometimes revert right back to where you started.


At SoFLo Music School, we look at learning an instrument in the same manner. It's simple: use it or lose it! 


The problem with taking a hiatus from music lessons is you most likely will not pick up where you left off. Trust us, we understand that financial resources are a factor for many families. But if upon resuming lessons you are spending a couple months just relearning old things and getting back up to speed, we beg to ask the question: is the savings benefit of "taking the summer off" really worth it?


For many students, the realization that they have regressed skill-wise after a music lesson hiatus can be frustrating and serve as negative reinforcement that results in giving up playing altogether. Aside from the creative benefits, pursuing a year round music commitment helps develop discipline and perseverance, admirable traits regardless of one's age. 


Let's look at this from another perspective. Without the responsibilities of daily schoolwork, the younger music student can in fact make a tremendous amount of progress in the summer. Not only does the practice time increase but suddenly other opportunities present themselves. Here at SoFlo, we have seen people use the summer for writing and recording original material and even putting together their first band. We've even had some students take up a second (or third) instrument.


Legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper may have said "School's out for summer/school's out forever" but for the burgeoning music student we graciously beg to differ.


Happy practicing!

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