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Create a new neural pathway

April 6, 2017

Create a new neural pathway​...learn to play an instrument – scientific research proves the theory that learning to play an instrument creates a new neural pathway in all ages. Some of this research has showed that active engagement with musical sounds enhances neuroplasticity; the brain’s ability to change and even adapt as a result of the experience. Understanding music – particularly to translate music symbols (notes) into sounds, enhances one’s ability to learn other things which share similar neurological pathways.


Research findings also suggest that physically performing an activity adds another layer of benefits to an individual’s memory. Music and learning how to play a musical instrument provides a new experience and causes neural plasticity to take place; new neural pathways are created.


A great way to control social anxiety​...learn to play an instrument. Research shows that musical training has some positive effects on a person’s nervous system. ​ You should think of making music not as an end product, but as a tool for health and well-being.


Music as Medicine - Active music engagement allows people to reconnect with the healthy parts of themselves, even when in pain or discomfort. Let SoFlo Music School fill your large dose of prescribed Musical Therapy.


Healing Power of Vibration​ - Music is sound and sound is vibration. Rhythmic pulses of music can drive and stabilize disorientation which has been showing positive results among folks with early stage dementia and parkinson’s disease.


Music cures all​ - It is suggested that music holds the key to higher brain functioning. Besides benefitting the brain, the joy of making music can reduce anxiety, depression and stress and is quite satisfying to all. ​Making music is like any other wellness activity, you should make it a permanent lifestyle change.


Music is so much more than a cultural phenomenon. 

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